today: Tuesday 16.01.2018

What Is a Custom Cleaning?

What is the Custom Cleaning and Why is So Popular?

In many cases customer want us to clean only specific areas. This is called a Custom Cleaning.  There are also many reasons why they want us to do that. However the mainly reason is that they want to save some money. They might get cleaned some parts of the house already or they have roommates and they don’t want to be charge for cleaning roommate’s room. Sometimes they are just not using some parts of the house so it doesn’t make sense to clean them and be charge for it. Custom cleaning is possible to provide only if the cleaning company is charging based on  hourly rate. In this case customer is paying only for cleaning hours.  Companies who charge per job they won’t be able to give customer better price. They charge per job no matter how long it takes that is why going with such a company is loosing money deal. Custom cleaning is ideal for customer with limited budget. They would like to hire somebody who would clean their whole house but is too expensive for them. Custom cleaning is perfect fit for them. Some customers want to clean their house more often but is too expensive so they decide to have cleaning company clean each time only certain areas.  Once custom cleaning is ordered customer have to be at home when cleaners arrive so she or he can point exactly on specific areas they want clean. They will got estimate from cleaners before they start so they will know how much they will paying. If the customer wants to get estimate from cleaning company over the phone is hard to provide. We are asking right questions to give them real estimate. Is much easier to give customer more accurate estimate if she or he wants to clean whole house. Usually we giving them estimate for whole house with saying that it gonna takes less. However each house is different and doesn’t make sense to ask for total price. We always give only estimated time and price. Customers know for sure that they will get better deal already if they don’t need to clean everything. That why is the custom cleaning very popular.