today: Sunday 18.02.2018

What Can You Expect From Our Cleaning Service?

A majcanstockphoto7377916 150x150 House Cleaningority of cleaning companies have set ways of cleaning. We strive on customers needs and listen to their wishes. This is very important to us especially when talking to customers who have had bad cleaning experiences before. We know that it is very important to establish the customers needs prior to the first cleaning. We go into great detail by asking the right cleaning questions. We talk about what we clean, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Our home-estimates are conducted with a professional and courteous attitude. There are thousands of small house cleaning companies in Orange County that have no trained, professional staff. Most of them have no system in cleaning. Therefore misunderstandings between customers and cleaning companies often occur. We recommend deep cleaning as a first cleaning before we start regular scheduled cleaning. It is important because we want to do regular cleaning quickly and efficiently with perfect quality. Then we can estimate lower cleaning time and save you money. We are immensely careful while hiring our staff. They are trained under the supervision of our senior specialist. Our employees are friendly and take pride in leaving customers homes sparkling clean. We like pets and we carefully clean around them. That’s why we have become a highly regarded cleaning company in orange county with many customer recommendations.