today: Sunday 18.02.2018

Different between Deep and regular cleaning

The most common questions from our new customers and our regular customers are:

  1. What is the difference between deep and regular cleaning?
  2. What is included in deep cleaning and what is included in regular cleaning?
  3. How often should I order deep cleaning?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. Can I order regular maintenance cleaning if my house needs a deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is considered as one time service and normally takes twice as much time as regular cleaning. Customer has to spend more money, but this one time investment is well worth it. Regular cleaning can be one time service as well however in most cases it is considered as repeating service. Very important is to understand that regular cleaning is maintenance cleaning (no extra hard scrubbing, removing heavy dust build up, or removing hard water deposits on shower glass). If you need to have done these things previously mentioned, you will definitely start with a deep cleaning. Deep cleanings will basically prepare your houses for regular maintenance cleaning. If you decide to start to use cleaning company to maintain your house. Sometimes customers think that their houses doesn’t need a deep cleaning. They want to save money. Unfortunately, in most cases customers standards for considering what is clean house are very different from what companies have. And then customers are very surprised by the price paying over an estimate they got over the phone for just regular cleaning. Our company is using preventing system to avoid this unpleasant situations confirming phone estimates by our cleaners before they start to clean house during first visit. So customers will be aware about current situation.

Regular cleaning is repeating cleaning and it’s main goal is to keep your house clean in the same condition as was  after a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning on the other side is deep detail orientated ,complex cleaning. Generally speaking deep cleaning cover a little bit more extras than light regular cleaning. First very important different is that cleaners will bring ladder to reach higher tops. (Top refrigerator, tops on shelves, Chandeliers, tops on cabinets, high ceiling) Another very important difference is that during deep cleanings cleaners move all light furniture and clean behind and under them. Customers loves it and houses definitely need it ones in a while.

Both regular and deep cleanings includes cleaning of entire house. Baseboards, Blinds, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Floors, Dust. However deep cleaning is more detail orientated and  that is also why it takes longer than regular cleaning.  For example if you have shower door with hard water build up on it that is hard job for deep cleaners to remove it and also takes extra time because sometimes you have to repeat cleaning process couple of times to remove all stains.

How we knows over the phone whether our new customers need a deep or a regular cleaning?  We usually ask right question. Also we charge hourly and if only some places need a deep cleaning and rest of the house light cleaning you don’t have to pay full price of deep cleaning because cleaners will be able to clean faster and it takes less time to finish the house so we will charge you accordingly. In this case the price will be probably set up somewhere between deep and regular prices range.